The world of mental health and wellbeing can often feel like a minefield of corporate claptrap or feel-good fluff. Mental health deserves better than both. We know the idea of getting stuck-in can feel daunting so we’ve broken down our offering to keep it simple.

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When it comes to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of your people on a company-wide level, Head Office can help. We’re able to work with you to provide a tailored health, mental health and wellbeing strategy for your business.
Every plan we deliver includes short, medium and long-term recommendations that are relevant to your size, your teams and your culture. Meaning you can start putting stuff in place that makes sense for you and your organisation straight away.
If this might of interest, get in touch. 


Specifically designed with each business in mind, these workshops and talks will give your people the confidence to open up discussions around the ‘M word’ and help empower them to look after their own mental health and well-being.

All workshops can be delivered as a half day (up to 3 hours), or full day (up to 6 hours) and can take place offsite or within your office. They’re designed for a maximum of 15 people, but let us know if you’re a larger team and we’ll find a way to make it work.


We tailor the topics based on your people and what they need, but here’s some starters for 10:

Introduction to Resilience

Resilience is often described as the ability to recover quickly from difficulties, or to 'bounce back'. But did you know that resilience isn't something we either have, or don't - it's something that we can learn. And the more resilient we are, the easier it is for us to navigate setbacks, manage stressful situations and remain focused and productive.

This session explores the concept of resilience in more detail, discussing what having resilience fundamentally means and how we can apply this knowledge to start to practice strategies and techniques to build our own resilience.

The workshop has been developed to:

  • Give insight into our brain's evolution and emotional states - here we learn to understand how our biology & past experiences can impact on our brain and wellbeing
  • Explore how to identify stress in ourselves and the impact stress can have on your mental health
  • Offer a series of evidence-based tools that can be applied to our own work-lives and circumstances to help reduce our stress and put the foundations in place to help build resilience

Be Your Own Coach

Most of us are used to being supportive workmates, bosses and friends, championing and cheerleading others from the side-lines. But when it comes to ourselves…why are we so often our own biggest critics?!

It’s annoying, it’s unhelpful and we want it to stop.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. We want to show you how to be your own coach instead of your own critic and confidently challenge that inner voice of doubt so it can do one!

This workshop has been designed to:

  • Give an insight into our brain’s evolution, and some of the things it naturally does that intensify our negative thinking
  • Explore the impact of self-doubt and self-criticism on the brain
  • Offer evidence-based tools and techniques that can help us be more compassionate and kinder to ourselves and support ourselves through life's up and downs

Perfecting Non-Perfectionism

In this session we talk to you about the problem with trying to be perfect at work. Yes, really.

Caring about doing things well is great, and being thorough and considered in your approach is cool - but persistently pushing for perfection can often be, well, a less than perfect approach.

In this workshop we spend time:

  • Understanding how perfectionism can play out in our lives, including our work, and lead to burnout
  • Considering the difference between stress and ‘good pressure’
  • Discussing the science behind perfectionism and unrelenting high standards and how this can impact on the brain
  • Looking at ways of addressing perfectionism in the workplace whilst still thriving, doing great work and feeling satisfied


We firmly believe that one-to-one support can make all the difference to a person’s wellbeing and through our brilliant network of experts we’re able to provide individual coaching for people in your business where needed.

Let us know what you're looking for, and we’ll let you know how we can help.